1. I won!

    I won!

  2. Darren Wilson supporters rally in St Louis: 'We will no longer live in fear'

    Translation: White folks plead for calm acceptance of racialized police violence, urge return to status quo.

  3. I don’t agree with the use of the word “terrorism” to just hijack conversations, because that’s the way it’s been used. If you talk about the legitimate grievances of people that have nothing to do with terrorism, and then you’re asked to defend people who are also speaking about the legitimate grievances of these people – but who may be using illegitimate tactics in their aims – then somehow if you do that it’s as if the grievances themselves are not legitimate, and that’s where I feel like the conversation does not move forward. It becomes really unhelpful at that point. It’s used as a smear tactic. It’s used to silence discussion, not advance discussion about what we should be talking about.
    Yousef Munayyer, in an interview with Vice regarding his appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show to discuss the war in Gaza and the subsequent analysis by Russell Brand
  4. by Eli Valley
  5. White people love jokes about how white people love The Wire.

  6. National March on the White House: End the Massacre in Gaza [2014.08.02], Washington, D.C.

  7. Theorizing violence, by Velvet Sundown lobby chat

    Theorizing violence, by Velvet Sundown lobby chat

  8. With Christians and others being marked and driven from their homes, a Muslim movement that says, “We are all Christians,” is subversive in the most daring of ways. It taunts the Islamic State and says to suffering neighbors, “Doctrine aside, we see your humanity. You should not be marked for extermination. If they’ve marked you, then we will mark ourselves. If they come for you, they can come for us, as well.”

    Sadly, when comparing Iraqi solidarity with the Western evangelical response, I fear we have not gone nearly far enough….Why is the Church standing with the Christians, who have largely made it out alive, and not the more numerous Turkmen who have been massacred or left in desert camps to die? Are we willing to say “We are Yezidi” with the ancient Zoroastrian sect? Will we kneel down with them on this Jericho road or is it too difficult to regard them as our own?

  9. Whoever does not want to die of thirst among humans must learn to drink out of all glasses; and whoever wants to stay clean among humans must know how to wash even with dirty water.
    Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra
  10. Excellent advice.

    Excellent advice.

  11. Seems likely.

    Seems likely.

  12. Mental health: why we're all sick under neoliberalism

    "The silence and social stigma around mental health is deliberate, the product of an institutional refusal to talk about the affective impact of socio-political conditions. Some people get depressed, or psychotic, we think, because of chemical imbalances or individual traumatic experiences. They’re just lazy or making it up. We don’t talk about austerity, poverty, demonisation of the unemployed – the politically-driven stigmatising of the least privileged groups of people – but is it any wonder we’re unhappy?"
  13. The price of academic texts, am I right?

    The price of academic texts, am I right?